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  • 1 Jan 2019 2:38 PM | Heather Gillbanks (Administrator)

    Left Side: before & after


    Originally, the left side contained a Velcro wall, a column of evenly spaced deep drawers (ribbon box at the top), and a column of small drawers at the right.

    We removed the fastener wall, placing a custom-designed insert for glitter glues & Nuvo drops at the bottom.  I haven't decided what will go above it yet (it is very shallow, so options are limited).  I have kept the fastener wall in case I decide to put part of it back up. 

    Glitter Glues & Nuvo Drops

    I really like the Best Craft "Dazzle Caddy" - although the newer Nuvo drops (and Stampin' Up!) bottles do not fit into them.  Ranger drops and Stickles do fit really nicely.

    We are fortunate to have a Laser Cutter on site, and this is an example of where that really comes in handy!  Neil was able to measure the depth of the Scrapbox, cut shelves - with a lip to them so the organizers do not fall out - and with 2 wee screws the entire structure stays stable.

    Ribbon & Baker's Twine

    Ribbon comes in lots of different shapes, depths, widths, etc.  This causes some interesting storage challenges.

      The original ribbon box that came with the Scrapbox is really useful when storing smaller or round cording, Baker's Twine, and fibers.

      Neil made me a couple of custom-designed laser cut ribbon boxes.  Given the constraints of the Scrapbox's existing size, each box can contain 2 or 3 carriers (depending on the size of the ribbon spools).  I really like the design of these as they keep the spools of varying sizes from bumping into each other.

      Best Craft's K-6 ribbon holders are great for relatively small amounts (less than 2 yards, typically) of smaller ribbons (1/4" - 3/4" widths).  Ribbon contained in these units cannot be very thick, or the units don't close properly.  They are, however, really great for taking to crafting events - you grab a package and go!

    Neil made an extra-large carrier for the odd-sized and oversized spools of ribbon.  While he could have made another box for me like he did for the rest of the ribbon, I asked for just 1 of these larger caddies, because I don't intend to increase the number of full-spools I own.  I also put some tape, floral supplies/wire, and magnet rolls in here because it was convenient.

    For me, these system works because ALL of my ribbon is in this rainbow area.  This was not always the case, which meant I had to search 3-4 places to find any particular type.  Obviously this was far from ideal!

    Rainbow Stuff - including some ribbon & fiber

    Two of the places I used to have "excess" or odd ribbon stored were in plastic containers like the one below, and in a modification of Totally Tiffany's Scrap Rack system (I store mine horizontally).


    In the new system, if they don't fit well into the ribbon sections above, they will go into a smaller drawer to the immediate right of the Ribbon area.  This way, all the ribbon is co-located! Front view of small drawer

    Top view of small drawer

    Here, you can see some of the ultra-tiny ribbon (top left of the photo) which I use for miniatures.  It is silk, very thin, and really difficult to find so it needs to be stored carefully.  You also see some ribbons that don't spool well (loose fibers get caught), or are detailed & thick.  Or there are short sections that don't "deserve" their own section in the larger ribbon organizers.

    The plastic organizer & the Totally Tiffany system are not gone - but they are not stored in the Scrapbox.  And now they contain more focused types of items.  So instead of containerizing, we are getting organized.

    Washi Tape

    I use the Best Craft organizers for Washi tape, too.  I use it differently, though.  I don't pull the tape out like I do with ribbon.  Instead, when I need a roll I pull it out and use it, then replace it.

    I also have some Washi tape in Queen & Co's pink washi tape boxes, because I just love those boxes.  They are on the bottom shelf of the Scrapbox (not shown here).

    Note: I use all 3 sizes of the Best Craft plastic cases for ribbon and Washi tape.  Normally, for ribbon, I use the smaller size, while for Washi I use the medium and large sizes.  I sort them by size & color.  That looks like:

    • Large red
    • Medium red
    • Large pink
    • Medium pink
    • Large Orange & Yellow
    • Medium Orange & Yellow ... etc.
    • I put brown just after purple, white & grey/black after brown
    • I store metallics & multi-color items separately, usually

    The odd one out (because there is always one, right?)

    So, the system is working great, and then I realize I have 1 color too many for the drawers.  Mainly because I have way too much red fibre!  I compromised and I've put my white ribbon & fiber into a shallow drawer.  Seems there is always like 1-2 things that don't quite fit, doesn't it?

    The white ribbon & fiber in its shallow drawer

    Thanks for reading

    That is what is currently in the left hand side of my Scrapbox!

    Note: we have no affiliation with any of the suppliers mentioned to and linked from this article, aside from our own Etsy shop.  The products mentioned are simply the result of years of trial & error - and what works best for us.  "Your mileage may vary", as they say.

  • 1 Jan 2019 12:36 PM | Heather Gillbanks (Administrator)

    Several times, when people have visited our physical location (7510 Cherry Park Dr., Suite B, Houston) they have commented on how organized my workroom is.  This is not an accident!

    Over the years, I have read widely and deeply about how to organize oneself.  When it comes to craft supplies, I have a somewhat unique challenge in that I don't just do 1 craft. This means that systems created for - say - card makers won't really work for my dollhouse miniatures.  I have some items like the miniature furniture, in particular, which are bulky.  On the other hand, I also have a lot of card stock, patterned paper, embellishments, and tools like embossing folders which are useful for a variety of crafts, but don't fit well into storage systems for miniatures.  I also don't just make things for myself; I create class prototypes, make-and-take kits, and items to sell on our Etsy shop.  Working on your own projects requires a different way of organizing than storing multiples for classes!  I also have the workroom at the shop and a workroom at my house, so keeping track of what is where is an added challenge.  So, over this past year I have really had to rethink how I organize my supplies and tools.

    For years, I have admired the Scrapbox, both for its holding capacity, and for its ability to close up into a tidy, elegant, small footprint.  I had never been able to justify in my own mind the expense, though ... until one came for sale (used) locally!  I jumped at it and have been spending the last few weeks loading it up.

    Today, I will show a few shots of the overall organization of the Scrapbox (it is not full yet, because I am re-working the storage systems at the shop as I go).  In subsequent posts, I will also explain how I decided to put various items in their respective locations.

    I should note that my overall system of organization (as opposed to containerization) owes a great debt to Totally Tiffany's Get Organized Challenge.  Her challenge is FREE and well worth the investment of time.

    The original Scrapbox

    This is the Scrapbox sitting in its new home, out in our main workroom.

    In the picture above, the shelves and some of the cloth drawers are visible.  Note that we have enough of the soft-sided (clear front!) drawer inserts to fill every nook & cranny of the Scrapbox.

    So what's a crafter to do with all that space?  Come back for our next installment and I'll tell you!

  • 4 Feb 2018 7:41 PM | Heather Gillbanks (Administrator)

    For those who have been following us on Facebook, we THANK YOU.  And ask you to please continue to do that.  We are planning to make updates to Facebook, as well as this site.

    We received feedback that some people were unable to access Facebook from school/ work, and they asked us to create a regular web site.  So, here we are!

    Please feel free to send us feedback, especially if you see something that needs fixing!

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